11 March 2007

The master plans

As Head Gardener of O.A.V (that's Our Allotment Venture if you were wondering), I thought it only organised to draw a plan of what is going to go where,so here it is....
I know,I know,it's very ambitious! but Rome wasn't built in a day and my Allotment certainly won't be...Well the area is approx 120ft long by 25ft wide!!,Heck!
The chicken shed is going at the bottom where the compost stalls will be,2 water butts,one right at the very top with a tap in it so I can gravity feed water down to the Chickens and the veggie's and another water butt next to the potting shed near the middle. Ooo Monty Don will be proud of me.
The Chickens will have a long run but there will also be a free range area for them to go in with a gravel square where they can scratch.
Get your orders in for eggs....
More soon B-J

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