30 January 2008

Home to let going cheep!

Home to Let in the Lancashire countryside,

one bedroom with comfy nesting area,newly painted,easy access,would suite a small couple for their first home,great views accross the valley,surrounding area includes:a pond,lots of food available locally,very quiet area....no deposit required,available to move into right away,first to see will be let.
Please see Pictures below... :-)

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21 January 2008

brief update!

Havn't updated for a while due to not being able to do much around the allotment because my ankle is still sore, 'still?' I hear you say,It's been ages now since I broke my ankle on the allotment but it just wont go right,now its really swollen and cant find any shoes to fit me,apart from my old manky,muddy allotment boots. Anyway I have decided to go through my recent photos and post some on here,so here goes...It's Official I love my Husband for this, did I mention he bought me a new Camera for Christmas too,The new Fuji finepix 8000fd 18xZoom with Super Macro basically its all singing all dancing and I would be here all day if I told you what else it can do! (you know I love my photography) bring on the sunny weather....

These pics were taken a few weeks ago when we had a cold spell...Brrrrr it was freezing up there!

This little Robin (below) visits my Nature Garden all day long and I don't know if it is the same one that keeps coming back but I would like to think so,I put alsorts out for the birds,split corn,fat balls,sunflower hearts,meal worms,apples,left over bits of rabbit food,onto two tables and about 5 different hanging feeders..they are well spoilt,also I have 2 European Collard Doves thats visit the tables all the time,they have been coming for ages and getting really used to me now...

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7 January 2008

Go for it Hugh!

Do you know about the life your fresh supermarket chickens led before they reached the table?

Few people know about the conditions suffered by most broiler chickens - those reared for meat.

For most UK broiler chickens, rearing conditions are unacceptably intensive, as farmers are put under pressure to produce poultry as quickly and cheaply as possible.

These birds live short lives, in cramped conditions, without ever seeing natural daylight. They commonly develop severe injuries and disabilities, associated with unnaturally fast weight gain and restricted movement.

The plight of egg-laying battery hens has received much attention in recent years. Consumers have responded, greatly reducing the proportion of bought eggs which come from intensive systems. Now it's time to do the same for broiler birds.

Please take a sec to visit the website and sign up for the campaign www.chickenout.tv

B-J x