25 March 2007

Potting on and a dog...

Black Sunflowers.

I potted on 25 black sunflower seedlings today,also I potted on 10 single giant sunflowers,the single giant one's are seeds from last years sunflower,I dried the head out and took the seeds out and they came up a treat this year.They are now in the coldframe hardning off,after spending ages repairing the coldframe from all the wind it was in bits.

Single Giant Sunflowers. (about 3wks old)

these have done really well,god knows what I am doing with them all! looks like I will have to do a plant stall on the market.

Red Onions.

The first red Onion is coming through! there about 8 in this pot.


This is Sally coming to see why I was crouched down on the floor taking pictures of little black boxes with soil in!

I just had to take another photo of my miniture daffodil's in the window box,I love them...They go through snow,ice,frost,wind and still bob about with yellow faces not fazed by any weather that is thrown at them!

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