1 June 2007

O.A.V update's

Well in May we decided this is where the pond is going to be,this area is in the nature garden at the bottom of the allotment,so let the digging comence!

Next the pond liner went in then along came the....

RAIN....So a bit of bailing out was required. Paul and Scott did a great job didn't even let Rain stop dig!

Finally the pond was filled and the sun came out,we even have a little female mallard duck on the pond, Ok so it's plastic and doesnt need feeding and locking up at night but it makes a lovely finishing touch. Slight hitches with the pond since, as it keeps draining, Paul has dug it out again a few more times and can't seem to solve the problem but he will, so less said about that Bleep Bleep pond the better.

A few more people have joined the allotment lately so here are some pictures of there plots:

This is Adam's (I love to hoe) plot, he hasn't been up there long,but in the time he has been there he has done loads of work. Built a few raised beds,planted quite a few brassica's,and is growing sweet peas over a lovely arch and has now got a green house with tomatoes in it. And to prove Adam does do some work here is the evidence.....

This is Tracey and Amie's plot,this is doing really well,and I can't possibly name everything they are growing or I would be here all day,put it this way there is loads,infact I actually think they maybe in talks with Asda as thier next supplier's of fresh fruit and Veg. Dare I mention Tracey's Tit's and Butt? go on then I will in the next section.... How dead am I going to be?
Tracey's Butt!

And here they are Tracey's Tit's...

Tracey and Amie have nesting Great Tit's right on thier plot,they have only just hatched I think there were 6 eggs altogether doing really well!

This is Micheal's area at the back of the cabin,nice gnome micheal! Didn't know you liked them?

This is Sam's plot/Garden ,he has only just come onto the allotment so hasn' got much growing at the moment.

All my stuff is too growing really well,I have now got another four beds,One for sweetcorn,One for Broadbeans One for Tanya to grow Cucumber,Beetroot and Lettuce in, and the Ultimate raised bed of all for the Pumpkin Competition...Let battle comence!

Broad Beans

Lettuce Patch

Adam and Mark taste testing my lettuce's...

Potatoes..Seconed Earlies Maris Piper's Yum!

Molly my silkie Hen and a few of her chicks,they are 9 weeks old now and Molly started laying 3 weeks ago,so we have a fresh egg everyday,Thanks Molly....

And the piece de resistance is....My Pumpkin Patch...dug deep,with a layer of compost a layer of straw a layer of horse manure a layer of compost a layer of straw and another layer of manure you get the picture,....All kept snug and warm under polythene, ready for the new plant to go in...When it's germinated that is.

Tanya with the first bumber crop of Breakfast Radish

Tanya's Cucumber plant in her bed... she is also growing lettuce,beetroot and strawberries....

All in all I think everyone is doing really well at the allotments,bring on the summer so we can have loads of brilliant BBQ's on Paul dry stone wall fire....

More updates soon....
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B-J x

Micheal is talking about an open day on the 23rd June 07, anyone wishing to come along and help can contact me on the above email address,and I will pass any info on..thankyou


Anonymous said...

G'Day Paul, BJ & Tanya,

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your OAV.

It looks like you've really put some time and effort into your venture, good for you guys. There's nothing better than the great outdoors, that's why we love it here in Oz.

We have a 1/4 acre block and are thinking of making a section of it into a veggie garden, perhaps you could pop round the odd night after work and give us some tips and a hand?

Keep up the good work.


Adam "I Love to Hoe" Priestley said...

Me and Micheal have decided that Tracys' Tits are Great Tits.

Head Gardener said...

Hello I love hoeing Adam...tell me your MSN will ya..

I think Tracy's tits are great too Lol....