17 October 2007

jack 'O Lanterns,

The Pumkins are turning Orange now,very slowly albeit but they should be ready for Halloween. I don't think we did too bad for our first attempt. I watched the Programme Jamie at home last night and he was cooking Pumpkins and Squash so I picked up a couple of good recipes i will be trying them out when the Pumpkins are ready. Next year I am going to grow some unusual Squash see how I go with them.

This weekend Paul is going to repair my Greenhouse because someone thought it would be funny to throw stones at it and smash it to bits leaving me with 7 broken panes of glass each going to cost £4.50 per pain DAMN KIDS! If I get hold of them they will have more Pains! than that.
Also to report is my brilliant Hens laid 7 Eggs between them yesterday which is great and now selling them at £1.50 per dozen just enough to pay for thier bag of feed,they are now earning thier keep. The ducks are doing really well,they even put themselves to bed at night now,all Paul needs to do is walk down the allotment and slide the door on the cabin for them,awww we love them ducks and hopefully in a few weeks we will have duck eggs too.

More Soon....

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