22 October 2007

Pumpkins Galore!

Me and Tanya finally picked the Pumpkins today,
I was watching Jamie at Home programme the other night and he was making roasted Pumpkin with Salt,Black pepper,and olive oil,roasted in the oven for approx 45 mins,the Pumpkin wedges are now in the oven roasting for tea and Tanya has just informed me that they smell delicious! (I have no sense of smell ya see). The other 3 Pumpkins arnt quite ripe yet so they are sitting on the windowsil in the kitchen for a while yet. We have never had roasted pumpkins before so I will update you of the taste later...

Mmm Delicious!

If you click on the link SQUASHBLOG it will take you to Matrons SQUASHBLOG where my Pumpkin is featured...Cool Eh?

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