23 March 2007

Day 1

This is day 1.

The 6 Eggs are in and steady temp of 37oc,turned 3 to 4 times a day more if I can,the temp and water is checked and charted by me or Tanya,she's really good at it,although she stands at the incubator saying 'oh why wont they hatch now'? and 'OMG I can't wait Mum'! so hopefully (pray to god) the 4 I think will hatch actually do!

Tanya is choosing two for herself when they hatch so hopefully our first incubation will be good if only one incubates and hatches, I will think its a miracle,very fascinating the life cycle of an egg!

Ya don't think what actually happens to produce that lovely white and yellow egg you eat on your breakfast plate,from start to finish an unfertilised egg is amazing BUT a fertilised egg from start to finish is a flippin miracle! Hens are really intelligent animals,they get it just right.

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