22 March 2007


The Incubator and Rhode Island Red fertilised eggs have arrived!
The eggs stood for 6 hours first to settle pointed end down and to bring them up to room temperature,and the Incubator was running empty for the same amount of time to see if everything is working properly.The temperature inside the Incubator has to be 37oC constantly and all that is working fine.Even though the eggs went in today tomorrow is the first day to count from,the eggs are turned 3x a day marked with a X and O to rotate 180 degrees 3x a day. So all we can do is wait now,the eggs will be "candled" at 7 days to see if there is a growing chick then again at 14 days then 3 days before hatch day the eggs DO NOT get turned at all,the humidity is raised slightly then we can watch little chicks come into the world,when they have all hatched (presuming they do) they will go into a "brooder" with a lamp,food and water.

It's all very exciting and I will update as often as I can.

More Soon

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