21 March 2007

Rows of Radishes

These are the Radishes planted in lovely rows in a wooden box growing nicely,at night I cover them with a fleece as they are outside now and it's Cold, although they are a cold season veg I still want to keep a warm a bit (all say awwww). When the Radish have been pulled and eaten I will plant Carrots in there and keep the box going with veg.

Kalvedon Wonder Pea update,

These are the peas today looking strong and healthy,may pot them on very soon, maybe tomorrow,but the egg Incubator arrives tomorrow and I have bigger fish to fry,or is that chicken?

Giant Single Sunflowers on the window,I think 1 or 2 have become a bit leggy but I will pick the strong one's soon.

Again I know this isn't Germination but the little Daffs look lovely in the window box,every morning when I walk into the kitchen,there they are with their smiling yellow faces looking at me,Awww.

More Soon,Keep Tuned...

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