17 March 2007


We have Germination!
Germination is the first stage of the making of the seedling. The seed of a higher plant is a small package produced in a flower or cone containing an embryo and stored food reserves. Under favourable conditions, the seed begins to germinate, and the embryonic tissues resume growth, developing towards a seedling.

Requirements for seed germination
Seed germination depends on many factors, both internal and external. The most important external factors include: water, oxygen, temperature, and the correct soil conditions. Every variety of seed requires a different set of variables for successful germination. This depends greatly on the individual seed variety and is closely linked to the ecological conditions in the plants' natural habitat.

Kalvedon wonder Peas

these were sown a few days ago and have sprouted,these peas were taken and dried from last years lot I grew,I soaked them in water for 4 hrs before sowing which did the trick.


Sown at the same time as the peas have also come up,I havn't grown Radishes before and I love them so they will be great in my Greek Salads....


bought these today they will be pink, never had these either before,these will be planted tomorrow with the pansie's in a half basket on the wall, MMmm maybe I should wait until the coming snow and frost has gone.

(Ok so this isn't Germination but I wanted to show you anyway)

This is my lovely big lemon tree (lemona),it grows huge lemons on it this is the biggest one so far,there are loads of buds on it,this lemon tree can live outside and tolerate temperatures
of -5 c. I havn't dared put it out yet only a short while the other day in the sunshine then I wipped it back in before it rained.

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