1 April 2007

Seeds and a soil tester

This is a selection of seeds I am taking over to Spain tomorrow to give to Kay,she was telling me her soil over there is very dry and almost like an orange colour so I told her I had a soil testing kit and I would bring it,also I am taking some Kalvedon Wonder Peas,some Parsnips (tender and true) , Oinions (Brunswicker) ,and seeds for the poached egg plant (Limnanthes Douglasii) ,these flowers have lovely bright white flowers with bright yellow middles like a poached egg! Hence the name..

I am almost jealous of her shiny new seed packets!
PS: The blog won't be updated for a week now because we are off to sunnier climes...
More Soon B-J x
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Anonymous said...

Hello BJ, Paul and Tanya. I like the website. Very cool.