1 July 2007

Can Cabbages and Chickens Swim?

Well, the last few days has seen sooo much water on the allotment that I am begining to get webbed feet I think! The Chickens apparantly don't seem to mind the wet weather at all,they are still running around in the mud,clucking and crowing as usual but if the water gets any deeper they will have to learn to swim. The pen is soo muddy and slippy and yes, I did fall in there the other day and did a full on slam dunk to the floor in the mood whilst chasing one last chicken around trying to get it in the hutch in a torrential downpour!

have I got any photo's of me falling in the mud? NO I havn't...lol

The Summer Cabbages have been underwater a couple of times this week so if they survive it will be a miracle!

On a more positive note I did go to pick up my new greenhouse today from Swinton,which we took down and put up in this awfull pouring rain,Why do we do this? After all allotments arn't about being a fair weather gardener,to me they are about getting stuck in no matter what the elliments throw at ya! because UK weather, being UK weather, ya would end up never doing anything because it does rain most of the time.

This morning we pulled up the first crop of carrots,perfectly formed bright orange carroty carrots,it's like a suprise when ya start pulling the carrots,grab hold of all them green leaf tops that you have been looking at and watering and caring for for weeks,checking everyday to see if they are big enough to pull out and eat and when ya finally do pull them up it's a relief that the one ya pulled up is actually big enough to put on your plate rather than a matchstick size orange thing ya wish you would have left in to get bigger!

So all in all a very wet but productive week....more soon

just flicking around allotment website's (like ya do) and I came accross this site,take a look, I think it's pretty good...


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