4 July 2007

Please Stop Raining!

Ok hands up who wants a green house like this?

Me that's for sure,but let's face it most of us only have enough room and enough money in the bank for a humble 8x6 aluiminum one!

I got a new Green House this week (Well new to me) and we have put it up on the new part of the allotment,a shed is being put up there too soon, but first we have to sort out the this flippin Green House,we bought it from Swinton and got it home in one piece (or so I thought),so we started putting it up and realised 4 panes of glass had broken,so off to Victoria glass we went to order 4 more new panes costing £13 which I thought was reasonable as the green house was cheap in the first place,but one big problem! every bloody time we get near to going to the allotment and arrange to repair the green house and carry on finishing it off,low and behold it RAINS! (STOP RAINING! no seriously now STOP raining,it's day after day after day)for one afternoon please it's driving me mad now,and only to be reliably informed by Jack that the only nice day we are going to have is on the 15th of July (Sunday) then more rain till August!
I have wanted an allotment for years,I have wanted a Green House for longer,Ive wanted Chicken since year dot and finally I have them all and it rains like there has never been rain before! is someone up there stopping it all from happening? AND do you see me giving up? NO.

This is my Greenhouse finally up in place minus 2 panes,it all got a bit too boggy around the greenhouse from walking on the grass,it has dried out a bit now so I am waiting until it dries out a bit more before I go squelching around there again. Oh and I got a free water butt with it too.

I wanted to put this picture on,it was one of those rare moments that the rain stopped and the sun came out,and there in the distance was a rainbow going right into the little white farm house on the hill.
Prize Pumpkins!
3 lovely Pumpkin plants treated better than the Queen! they better appreciate this.

The sunset over the allotment the other night,couldn't resist sitting there waiting for the sun to go down. We havn't seen many of these in June or july this year.

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Matron said...

Gosh yes! I need a new greenhouse it was badly damaged during the wind earlier this Spring. Just about hanging on in there! I will get an expert to put it up for me when it does arrive though. Your experiences sound like too much to bear!