22 July 2007

Meet Rothwell.....

This is Rothwell........

The newest member of the Chicken family down at O.A.V!

But wait it's a Rabbit! Yes it's Rothwell the Allotment Rabbit,(Rothers for short) found by Paul at the top of Rothwell Ave and this is how he got his name,he lives with the Chickens,eats with the Chickens and sleeps with the chickens,none of them mind at all, except Molly my white silkie Hen but she has gone broody again and spends most of her day sat tight on imaginary eggs and clucking to herself, so she doesnt count at the moment. How do I know its a HE you ask?

Well, much to my amazement I actually caught the Rabbit yesterday sniffing at one of the chickens and yes actually trying to mount it! Is this normal behaviour? has it been heard of before? or is this a breakthough in animal behaviour? I dont know, but whats even more stranger is the Chicken didn't even mind,it just carried on pecking at the floor minding it's own business whilst a big fluffy thing with floppy ears and no beak was minding it's own business. BIZZARE!.

So I went to buy it a ball to save the poor chickens embarrassment and frankly it's pride amongst the group, and I threw this soft small football in the run and the Rabbit just sat there and looked at it whilst all the Chickens ran after it to see what it was! SO that didn't work and within minutes it was back to following one of the Chickens around again,Oh well they all get on well so leave them to it. Jack said we could have furry eggs and Paul said they will be nice for Easter. :-o

Stranger things have happened....
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