26 July 2007

Winter Veg, holidays and eggs...

It's time to start thinking about sowing and planting the Winter Vegetables,

seems strange thinking of winter when we feel like we havn't even had a summer,I mean the Tomatoes havn't even turned red yet and it's already nearly the end of July!

The Parsnips have gone in along side the Leeks and the swede,lovely long rows of them ready for picking around October-November hopefully,if the summer has barley reached temperatures of 60oC then whats the winter going to be like? hopefully not as wet as May-June-and July,I can't cope with this cold and wet weather so were off to Greece in the next couple of weeks. Lot's of snorkelling,sun,fresh just picked veg and doing basically nothing,thats my kind of Holiday. The Broadbeans are nearly ready for picking now and the Pea pods have done great so there are pounds of them to be picked. All the Chickens are happy if only they would start laying soon,the new pullets are about 1-2 weeks away from laying now,it's really dissapointing going to the allotment only to find one egg! and i don't know which one is laying as she lays before I get there. We have 15 Hens and 3 Cockerils in there now so hopefully soon we should be getting 12-15 eggs a day.

I came accross this picture of lovely plant tags,I will try and make some of these i think they are nice and can be re-used,
I was interested to know what you use for plant tags,got any good idea's?
Send your comments.

The rain has stopped so i'm out of here up to the allotment...

more soon

B-J x


Matron said...

Those plant tags look great! I find that whatever I write just fades in no time at all. Perhaps burning a name in wood would be good. Perhaps I could use some old fence panels which came down in the gales. Writing with a soldering iron perhaps?

Billie-Jean said...

thats a good idea with the soldering iron,mine fade too