30 July 2007

A trug of Veg

Well this is my Trug of Vegetables from my allotment,the trug was bought from the Only Foals and Horses sale at the farm for 50p so I am well impressed with that bargain! lots of peas,broadbeans,broccoli,spring onins,a green pepper,beetroot,and some maris piper potatoes,collected yesterday. The Peas are lovely and sweet. The Sweetcorn is growing well now and already has a flower on one of the biggest plants,the tomatoes are turning red (slowly) and everything else is just taking it's time. Ya just can't rush nature!

Here are some photos from around the allotment...


Poached egg plant

I just wanted to tell you about the book I am reading at the moment,

My life on a hill side allotment by Terry Walton, Known for his allotment slot on Jeremy Vines show on Radio two,and for growing a 12 stone pumpkin for charity..Bless Him..

For those of you who watched The Big Dig series on UK TV Gardens all about Allotments in London and in Whales,Terry Walton was one of the people on there (the one trying to grow Salsify which didn't grow properly.. bless him) and he has written this book,its really good,it goes right back to his childhood of when he used to go to his dads allotment,it has recipes and tips all the way through the book,this was a Birthday present from my Brother (Thanks Clive and Rob) and its brill I recommend it 100%.

More soon B-J x

Leave your comments if you have any fave books your reading or have read...

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