10 August 2007

Beans and Spring Onions

Today, me and Tanya cut down some Broadbean plants and shelled them sat in the sun on the allotment,I have left loads more Broadbean plants still growing for a while as the pods are still a bit small,the Spring Onions are lovely too and Tanya added them to her scrambled egg on toast,made with our own fresh eggs of course,


Matron said...

B-J, How lovely to have your own eggs! I have found a trug supplier for you! Have a look at www.sussextrugs.com and see if they have what you are looking for.

Billie-Jean said...

Thankyou for that Matron,they make lovely trugs and lots of different ones too,they dont have an online shop yet so I will check back,I am still on the look out for an old trug,I keep checking around but they are so expensive,hopefully one day I will go to a car boot sale or a Market and someone will have one on their stall (not knowing what it is) and say "oh give us a pound"...if only eh?