15 August 2007

Oooo I do like a bargain!

On Sunday me Paul and Tanya went to West Bradford for a run out and came accross a car boot sale and a Village show,we wandered around a while and I picked up a nice egg basket and some pickling jars,after getting bored of the showers we went into the village hall to get a cup of tea and noticed there were some judges in the hall and a notice on the door saying "Do not enter judging in progress" what could they be judging? and me being very nosey wanted to know what this was all about,so we sat and had some tea and some lovely home made cakes, you know the ones you can only buy from a village fair? so I asked a lady serving us "whats going on in there then"? she replied "oh it's the annual village show judging,they are judging the best Vegetables and flowers,cakes and paintings",the judging went on until 1:15 and it was only about 12:00 that meant over an hour to wait to see these prize Vegetables that I really wanted to see,oh and did I mention I am impatient too? well we went to have another look around the car boot sale (ya never know when you might have missed something right?) we went back into the hall, by this time the all important 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes and been given out to the best on show,I was in there like a shot,let me see this Veg! as we wandered around we went past the best Dalias then the Fusias yes yes let me see the Veg!,we finally got to the veg and in my opinion what a let down that was,I thought to myself my Beetroot looks better than this and my Beans look better than that,I quickly asked "can anyone enter this show"? NO you have to be part of the Parish and live in the Village" a lady told me,WELL if I had 2 to 3 hundred ground for one of these lovely chocolate box looking Cottages I would live here! Nevermind maybe there will be a show near me soon who knows. so off we all went outside for one final look at the stalls on the way back to the car and I spotted some planks of wood taped up,I said "whats this please?" to a very wet looking lady on the stall and she said "oh that,its a wooden sandpit with a lid" I thought Mmm sand pit maybe that will be good for the Chickens to have a dustbath in,then I thought no, I know exactly what I can use this for,I needed to know how much it was really quickly so I asked her in a (I'm not too bothered about it way),"ok how much is this then"? she said ...and wait for it "Oh give us a pound for it"! WHAT! A pound, one whole pound,I sooo could not believe it,so I gave her a quid for it and carted it off to the Landrover,(Paul carrying arm fulls of it,still looking bewildered as to what I wanted it for),Paul put it together when we got back to the Allotment and there ya have it, one raised bed for my Onions to be planted in! now thats what I call a bargain...

One whole pound...

PS: I wont be updating the Blog for a week now because I am off to the beautiful Greek Island of Mykonos on Friday morning to do some snorkeling,visit the Acropolis in Athens and lazing around on the beach,oh and drink the odd bottle of beer and
taste some of the best Greek food ever!

Bye for now...B-J x

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