27 August 2007

An even bigger egg and holiday

Tanya found an egg this morning in the bigger hutch,its very big weighing in at 2.20oz (62g) this is alot bigger compaired to the egg we got a couple of weeks ago 1.90 oz (55g). The chickens are now on vitamins with their food to give them a boost after some of them have molted and they have been unwell.
The Thoery is young hens lay more smaller ones in the first laying season and fewer bigger ones in the seconed season. Eggcelent (sorry couldn't resist)

Back from Greece now,it was very hot,very expensive,very busy,although Mykonos is a lovely island with breath taking sunsets and views to die for BUT it just wasnt the kind of place for us really,maybe when I was 17-20 I would have not wanted to come home from there but when ya get old like me lol ya just want peace and quiet away from the hussle and bussle of a hectic life. Everything and everyone had one speed FAST! Here a few pics of the holiday (dont want to bore you too much).

more on the allotment soon ....B-J x

Me and Tanya at a Church on the way to Mykonos town

One of the 4 Pelicans in Mykonos town

A Boat in the Harbour where the film Shirley Valentine was filmed

Just before we got on the Jet Skis

Me and Paul before the sunset in Mykonos Harbour with Little Venice in the background

Click on the pictures to see a big version (if you want to :-) )

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