1 October 2007

From Head Gardener to Under Gardener just like that...

First of all I must appolagise for the absence of my updates,there is a very good reason for it,no,there is honest.

Last Sunday I was pottering around the allotment it was about 3:30pm not a drop of rain insite,lovely day so I thought I would make scrambled egg on toast (the hens are laying really well now and we had quite a few that day).
So I set everything up in my little shed,got the kettle on,put the grill on whisked a load of eggs,I was really looking forward to it, we were hungry,so the first lot of toast was ready so I stepped outside the shed to go and get the plate and SNAP! I stepped into a sunken bit of the ground my foot went sideways and what I can only describe as.. if you were to twist some bubble wrap in your hand (ya know the cracking sound?) I went flying down the allotment toast in the air and landed on the hard,cold, wet ground,I knew straight away I had broken my ankle I could feel it burning and swelling instantly,I laid on the floor shouting Paul.
I have broken this same ankle about 15 years ago and all the memories came flooding back I can tell you. The next thing was to get up from the ground which by this time I was getting wetter and I was full of mud I hurt my arm too,so once up I was sat there and Paul pulled my sock and shoe off,it had swelled quite alot by this time,so as I was coming round I realised I was at the bottom of the Allotment and the Landrover is at the very top! how on earth can I get to the top? Paul got the digging fork from the shed and him at one side and the fork at the otherside I managed to hobble up to the top and go to Hospital. The Hospital (Accrington Victoria)was packed, Sunday afternoon full of kids I was in agony by this time and the waiting time said 1 and a half hours! Why when ya go to Hospital there always seems to be someone seen before you who doesnt seem to have much wrong with them? why is that? and then with the boredom of just sitting there and waiting ya start to think..Wonder what they did? and I'm more hurt than them,why can't I go in first. So it was our turn and the triage nurse called us in,she started to press my ankle really hard and I mean really hard,so with tears in my eyes she sent me straight to X-Ray,luckily I was the only one waiting for one so I went straight in,the verdict... not good. I have broken the bone that sticks out at the bottom of the ankle and I was sent straight to the plaster room.

I sooo know whats coming next,I have been here sooo many times,one nurse pulling down on my foot to get it into a 90 degree angle while the other nurse wraps strips of plaster of paris around until it sets! OUCH! I have an oppoitment to have the cast changed to a lighter and more managable fibre glass one on the 8th of October and I can't wait for that. So here I am sat here with a huge pot on my ankle thinking of all the things I have to do on my allotment and can't do any of them! so far this year ive broken my finger,my big toe and now my ankle,this is what happens when ya have Osteoporosis! and I never did get my scrambled egg on toast. Iv'e now been demoted to under gardener whilst Tanya has been promoted to head gardener and Paul takes over the allotment and chicken duties. Damn I want that title back! :-)

Can you see the FIBULA on the left,the bottom of this is broken.

Updates as an when I am afraid ... cheer me up send me a message.
B-J x

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Matron said...

Ouch! I will never pop bubble wrap again without thinking of that story!