7 October 2007

Meet Dafid,Taffy,Lola and Delia....

We went to pick 4, 8 weeks old ducks up from Southport yesterday,kindly given to us by my brothers friends relatives,lovely people who love chickens and ducks just like us,when we arrived at the house I thought the ducks would be tiny only being 8 weeks old but no they are huge,and gorgeous,they had a good car journey home and we got the food and water ready for them,we let them out of the boxes and showed them to thier new house and the pond.

They just stood there for a while looking a bit confused then waddled around a while,it was late afternoon when we got them home so it was nearly time for them to be put into the hutch,unfortunatly they do have to locked up overnight at the allotment because the fox is on the prowl but they didn't seem to mind and it is for thier own safety. So we got up to the allotment really early this morning only to find someone had smashed my greenhouse to bits,stones and bits of tiles everywhere! we left at approx 7pm lastnight so whoever it was must have seen us leave and if I find out who it was whoe b' tide them (as my mum says).

Anyway Paul let the ducks and the chickens out at approx 8am this morning and the ducks came waddling out to the food and water,I didnt bother them for a couple of hours because I wanted them to get used to where they live now,and all 4 of them sat in the sunshine not fazed by anything much. Then I thought it was time to show them the pond so Tanya walked slowly behined them until they reached the pond and in they went and they loved it,splashing around and ducking under for ages,so I took some photos of the ducks,we have named them welsh names as they are a welsh breed,so here goes.... the 2 black and white ones (male we think) are now called Dafid and Taffy the girls are called Delia (the white one) and Lola the multi colored one, So Dafid Taffy Delia and Lola are all tucked up in their new house and here are some photos...

Thankyou Hilal and Michelle for giving us the Ducks...

Click on the photos for larger pictures.

I just couldn't resist telling you my duck joke here goes...

A duck walks into a shop and says "have you got any raisins?" the shop keeper says "no sorry we dont sell rasins" the duck says "ok" and waddles out.
The next day the duck comes back to the shop and asks "have you got any rasins"? the shop keeper says "no we don't sell rasins I told you yesterday" the Duck says "ok" and waddles out.
Then next day the Duck goes back to the shop and asks "have you got any rasins"? and the shop keeper say "NO we dont have any bloody raisins!" "and if you keep coming in this shop and asking for raisins I'm gunna NAIL your bloody beak to the counter ok!?"
so the duck replies "ok".
SO the next day the Duck returns and asks "have you got any nails"? the shop keeper says "NO WE DONT SELL NAILS"! and the duck replies "have you got any rasins"?

Funny eh?

More updates soon....B-J x


Anonymous said...

hi there - oh how lovely to see the ducklings on your blog - they look really happy and the pond looks great. we know you will enjoy watching them as much as we enjoy watching ours. The mum and dad seem fine and not missing htem - in fact think they are enjoying the extra space!! It was great to meet you all - always lovely to meet fellow animal lovers.

All the best Michelle and Hilal

Billie-Jean said...

Thankyou Hilal we love em,will update regulary so you can see them
B-J x

Brenda said...

Hello BJ
Your ducks are lovely! Seriously cute! Will they give you eggs too?

Morons smashing your greenhouse! The state of the UK these days beggars belief, every few days I look at the BBC website at the news headlines and it's always doom and gloom, murder, anger and yobbish behavior. Very sad state of affairs.

Anyway, hope your ducks cheer you up!


Billie-Jean said...

Thankyou for leaving a message Brenda,the Ducks have cheered me up alot,they have lovely characters and great to watch on the pond,I'm sat here with a huge Purple cast on my leg not being able to go to the allotment and do the things I want to do,all the time I'm thinking and hoping no one is touching my greenhouse or the animals for that matter,why do people do this? I'm not doing any harm to anyone having it there but they just want to smash it for fun,thankyou again for your message
take care

B-J x

Soilman said...

That IS an excellent joke! I'm still giggling....

Billie-Jean said...

thankyou Soilman..Lol people usually just look at me when I tell them this joke and I have to say "D ya get it"? glad you like it..

You have a very cool site By the way
take B-J