17 February 2008


This year I have decided to grow 4 different kinds of Tomatoes they are:

1.Neve's Azorean Red (from Plants of Distinction)
2.The Dutchman (from Plants of Distinction)

Last year wasn't very succesful on the Tomato front as I didn't have a Greenhouse but this year my Greenhouse is all ready to go,I dug the Greenhouse floor out to about 3ft deep,filled this with compost,soil and manure and a little growmore,put a small floor in enough to walk in and filled with gravel,I can't make my mind up wether to grow the Tomatoes straight into the soil (but that would mean changing it next year) or do Ring or pot Culture where the plant is grown in a large pot (grow bag soil) with the bottom cut out and sat on the soil,this is sounding more likely at the moment.this year I am going to grow Peppers (King of the North) and Aubergines (CALLIOPE F1 HYBRID) in the Greenhouse,the tomatoes are now in the heated propergator ready to germinate. Hopefully this year I will have Tom's to be proud of.

The Dutchman
Old strain that features purplish pink fruits with mild flavor. Large meaty fruits are very sweet. 80 days

A reliable and highly productive early cropping variety. Produces sweet, red fruits of good size and even colour


These round, deep red fruits weigh about 7 to 8 ounces, and arise by the many dozen on extra-vigorous plants. Expect the vines to reach 5 feet or so, just studded with luscious fruit. MoneyMaker's flavor is a full, meaty, sweet bite

Neves Azorean Red
A large fleshy Tomato,very similar to the Beefsteak,and very juicy...

Compact, spineless plants produce a heavy crop of baby 5cm (2in) fruits that mature to bitter free, oval, 10cm (4in) fruits of a beautiful cream streaked purple colour.
Ideal for growing in a container on the patio, or in the greenhouse


Matron said...

I would recommend the ring culture method. I always use it in the greenhouse. You can grow on top of sand or gravel, and just feed the ring on top. I always get good results this method.

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